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Office 365 Plan Review

Let the experts at Cloud Complete help your organization ensure that you have the best Office 365 plan to suit both your immediate and long term business needs.

Office 365 is nothing short of revolutionary in the way that it frees people to be productive whenever and wherever they need to be, but also in the power that it gives even the smallest business operations the ability to compete on a global level.

Even though you have already started with Office 365 it is important that you ensure that the plan you are setup in will have all of the deeper level capabilities you will need to meet your organizational goals and objectives as well as keep you compliant with any industry or legislative requirements. The best time to do this is before you build too heavily on the platform and create the customizations your company requires.

Cloud Complete is a company dedicated to helping people use the tools of the Microsoft Cloud to further their goals, make great strides in their businesses, and ultimately to allow them to concentrate on the things that they do well and not the details of how to keep their systems running.

We believe that Office 365 is the right choice for anyone serious about business. It combines the world's leading productivity software Microsoft Office with a host of leading Microsoft technologies such as MS SharePoint into a seamless package of tools that just plain work. That is why we run our entire operation on Office 365 and why we decided to become Microsoft Cloud Services Partners.

Let a consultant with over 25 years' experience in the technologies that make up these systems provide the guidance you need to avoid mistakes, surprises, and pitfalls down the road. This service would normally cost an average of about $480 and we deliver it to you free of charge. All we ask at that point is that you consider our company if and when you need further business technology consulting services.

Okay. So let's get to the deeper level part of the equation of choosing the right Office 365 plan.

There are a great number of factors to consider when choosing a plan. We will touch on a number of them here so that you understand some of what to consider when making the choice of plan.

Most people make their Office 365 buying decisions based on two primary factors - whether this system will be for business or personal use and the number of users who will need access. The problem with this approach is there are many deep level nuances and feature choices within Office 365 and especially SharePoint Online that you don't want to find out about after you are well on your way to using and customizing your personal cloud space.

Let's look at an example: A user navigates to Microsoft's Office 365 site and they are greeted with the choice of Business or Home/Personal use Office 365 accounts. Once you have made this choice the primary question you are asked to decide on deals with the number of users you will have on the system. For business users the choices are: Office 365 Business - for 1 to 25 users Office 365 Business Premium - for up to 300 users Office 365 Enterprise - available for an unlimited number of users

There are also options for accredited educational institutions, government entities, and even non-profits.

Higher Plan, Lower Cost?

While some of these plans allow cost savings based on delivering a mix of features that should fit a majority of organizations of a particular size, this isn't always the case. If fact, there are times when moving to a higher level plan can actually cost less based on a mixture of license types within the Enterprise family of plans.

Most organizations don't have the in-house expertise to fully work through all of the possible usage scenarios and to anticipate any future road blocks before they arise. 

Why Review?

  • Peace of mind that you have the right plan
  • Avoid potential costly migration down the road
  • Ensure your plan meets your organizations compliance and legal requirements


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