The Classroom Cloud™

Part of our Cloud Complete™ Series of applications, The Classroom Cloud™ is designed to bring the increased functionality, ease of use, data security, and major cost savings of the cloud directly to students as well as to schools and universities everywhere.

The Classroom Cloud™ Includes:

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus
Microsoft SharePoint Online Custom Configured to Meet Your Student's Needs
Microsoft Lync Online for file sharing, audio, and video communications
Microsoft Office Web Apps - Allows you to use MS Office online even if it isn't installed on the computer you are working from.
Microsoft Exchange and Outlook for email



Low Monthly Subscription Cost
Secure Cloud Access
Full document collaboration and sharing capabilities
Extra learning tools

The future generation of Microsoft Office is here today and available to you for only $25/month/student! Called The Classroom Cloud™, our complete student software package combines Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, a Microsoft SharePoint site custom configured and optimized for your child's grade level, Microsoft Exchange Online for your email, voicemail, and organization needs, Microsoft Lync Online for seamless IM, Voice Over IP, Video, and document sharing.

Give Your Children the Tools They Need To Excel in School:

Built on Microsoft Office 365, The Classroom Cloud™ combines the best and most up to date Microsoft tools into a single comprehensive package for your student to excel while at the same time offering a major cost savings by delivering them in a cloud based subscription package.

You Get ALL of the Following Tools:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus

Complete Download of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus - directly from Microsoft and licensed to install on up to 5 computing devices per user.

Office 2013 Includes:

Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft Excel 2013
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
Microsoft Access 2013
Microsoft OneNote 2013
Microsoft Publisher 2013 
This is the FULL VERSION of Microsoft Office (NOT an Upgrade or stripped down version).
Download your Software directly from Microsoft! As an Authorized Education Reseller, we provide you with your license subscription immediately and you can install Microsoft Office on up to 5 computers or devices.
As part of the Office 365 portion of your subscription, your SharePoint and Office software versions are updated periodically. Just like those users who had purchased a subscription when Microsoft Office 2010 was available are being upgraded to Office 2013, your subscription will allow you to upgrade to the next version of Office shortly after its release. Your software is always up to date!

Custom Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Student Site
Fully Configured Microsoft SharePoint to store, collaborate, and work with your homework, school projects, assignments, and other files.
Custom layout to maximize your productivity
Choose from Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, Grad Student, or Even Medical Student Classroom Templates.
Each template gives your student a fully organized set of work areas designed to allow them to track their homework assignments, create the highest quality documents for each assignment, organize their class calendars, track their grades and test scores, take and organize full media notes for their classes. Notes can be text, audio, video, speech recordings, photos, and even internet content smoothly woven into an easy to navigate and search set of notebooks. All stored and backed up in the Cloud automatically.
Save your homework and documents to the Cloud. Retrieve them from anywhere. No more forgetting your homework!
Since your homework assignments are stored in the cloud you always have a full backup and you can access them from almost any internet connected device. No more forgetting your homework and missing a turn-in deadline.
Parents also get full insight into what assignments their children have, what work has been done, and when assignments are due. You can even have your child's classwork sent to you through the system for review and approval before they turn them in.* (Requires at least one parental subscription).
Mobile device support. Access your work from almost any internet connected computer, smart phone, iPad, tablet device, or laptop.
Microsoft Lync Online 2013
Video conferencing, VOIP communications, document collaboration.
Microsoft Exchange Online 2013 Email Account (you can have multiple email addresses)
Unlimited e-mail storage
Microsoft Outlook Web App - Access your email from anywhere.
Microsoft Office Web Apps- Use Word, Excel, and OneNote from any computer or mobile device even if Office is not loaded on that computer
Professional Support
Direct Support from the professionals at - Your Microsoft Online Services Partner and Authorized Education Reseller. We provide the setup and configuration that it takes to use these tools effectively out of the box. You get full site administration as well as support and liaison to Microsoft since we are your Partner of Record.
Educational and Learning Add-Ons (Included at no charge)
Microsoft Math
There are two major mathematics add-ins for Microsoft Office. The first helps students to put math into visual terms and helps you to understand how to find the solutions to math problems on your own. The second puts a full Scientific, Graphing Calculator into MS Word and OneNote for you, eliminating the expense of having to buy your own graphing calculator, as well as added tutorials and help in problem solving.
Microsoft Mathematics provides a set of mathematical tools that help students get school work done quickly and easily. With Microsoft Mathematics, students can learn to solve equations step-by-step while gaining a better understanding of fundamental concepts in basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, and calculus.
The Microsoft Math full-featured graphing calculator is designed to work just like a handheld calculator. It includes additional math tools help you evaluate triangles, convert from one system of units to another, and solve systems of equations.

If your child has difficulty with math, these tools alone make the purchase of the Office system worthwhile.
Chemistry Add-In for Microsoft Word
The Chemistry Add-in for Word gives students and teachers an easier way to insert, modify, and present chemical symbols and data sources within the familiar Microsoft Word environment. Younger students can explore the periodic table and gain a better understanding of the scientific language, and more advanced students can author and share more sophisticated chemistry papers and assignments. An absolute necessity for any student taking chemistry whether it is their main field of study or just a required class.
Microsoft Flash Cards
Create and use your own flash cards online to help you study any subject. Use photos and audio files in connection with your cards to enhance the learning process. You can even have classmates create flash card series in order to test your knowledge.
What Does The Classroom Cloud™ Do For You?


Students -
Our exclusive Homework Watch™ system automatically reminds you when assignments are due.
Take the stress out of school work by tracking all of your homework assignments, documents, and notes in one convenient location.
Get better grades by being more organized and turning in professional looking homework documents.
Access your work from any mobile device or computer (internet connection required).
Track your entire class and school schedule
Parents -
Our system looks at assignments & due dates and measures against expected progress milestones. Track your child's homework assignments with automated workflows and due date notifications. Never be blindsided again by the late night announcement that there is a large paper due in the morning. Now you can know that your child is getting the work done in a timely manner. This level of accountability allows you to spot problem areas before they have too much negative effect on your child's grade(s).
Communicate with your child's teacher(s) directly through the classroom portal. Track your students' progress at a glance.
Optionally we can setup a homework review and approval workflow for you. Once your child posts his or her homework to the homework library, you are automatically notified that the assignment requires your review and approval. Approved documents are cleared for turn-in to the teacher (which can be handled automatically if your school uses the Classroom Cloud Application too). Non-approved assignments/documents are sent back to the student with your notes on where they need to improve the piece. Once their updates are made the document(s) are sent to you again for review and the process starts over.
For just pennies a day you can give your child access to all of the most modern productivity and success tools from Microsoft and Cloud Complete a Microsoft Cloud Services Partner and Authorized Education Reseller and the leading developers of end to end Office 365 Applications.