Small Government Cloud Complete™

Today's government agencies have no choice but to operate with fewer resources even in mission critical areas such as public safety.

At Cloud Complete™ we use Microsoft technologies to solve real world problems in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We help your in-house IT professionals, your department heads, and elected officials by reducing costs, managing resources, and helping your users be more productive across applications, devices, and locations.

We can help you realize...

Real World, Real-Time Savings

Small Government Solutions from Microsoft and Cloud Complete™ are designed to give you real savings immediately. This is not one of those solutions where we tell you that by spending a lot of money now you should save money in the long run. In a time of ever shrinking budgets we know that organizations are looking for steps they can take to reduce their expenses in both the immediate and long term. Let us show you how the Microsoft Government Cloud can help you achieve real world, real-time savings.

Results Voters Demand

While our Cloud Based Government solutions offer greater capabilities than any other platform our primary initial focus is on reigning in costs. Right now in the public sector most constituents are not interested in the investments we can make. They want to see cost reduction, greater efficiency, and greater accountability and transparency. We bring those to you first and then we will work with you as we go to expand on system capabilities and actually deliver a greater level of service and tangible real time savings.

Why Choose The Gov't Cloud?
State and local government customers are bound by unique specific and strict compliance requirements in many areas, such as reliability and availability; security and privacy; data retention and document fidelity. That's why we designed The Small Government Cloud Complete™ with these mandates in mind to help lift these sometimes burdensome responsibilities off the shoulders of agencies. Built on Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud these considerations are central to the solution infrastructure, which allows agencies to focus on their core mission of delivering citizen services to their constituents and realizing government efficiencies.

Verified by third-party auditors, Office 365 works with, meets, or exceeds many key world-class industry standards and certifications.

  • Certified for ISO 27001
  • EU Safe Harbor
  • EU Model Clauses